Photographs by Elisha Schaefer.

December 8, 14, 15, 2009.

"... Katrin Hilbe provided her own lucid translation and then proceeded to direct twenty-one excellent actors about the small performance space with an ease and creativity that befitted their every talent. (...) One must wonder whether its issues will be too topical or painful then for any kind of mere theatrical experience. (...) Anyway, keep an eye on Hilbe."

"From the size of cast to details like the program notes in blue, white and red, the sound effects, a few Stygian caps, and even Piaf singing Je ne regrette rien as we exit. it was truly extraordinary; I’ve never been to such a developed reading in terms of staging."

"Loved the gender-bending of St Just and the actor was terrific. And you got them all to memorize La Marseillaise. "

"The message of the play (...) is very timely internationally and reminds me very much of the excesses of the most recent past domestic administration. We were very fortunate in avoiding the eating of the young phase in our own Revolution."

"...a great evening, superbly acted and produced"

"...the time is so ripe for Danton. There is so much to admire about this's poetry, it's big, unblinking, mural-like picture of the Revolution."

"Very operatic!"

"Alma (5 years old) liked above all the noise cchhhhkkk of the guillotine at the end and waited – in vain – for Marie Antoinette to show up.."