"For every complex problem,
there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong."

– H.L. Mencken

 Following Mencken’s dictum, ManyTracks productions will not aim to give our audience certain answers or a clear-cut message. We are fascinated by the questions and riddles that rattle our world. Our theater strives to tell stories about people in situations to which there is no one right way to respond to and our characters themselves may be men or women to whom no easy allegiance is possible.

 We want to see them on stage, because we are intrigued, and we hope to find an audience to joins us in the ride. If at the end of the evening one response is CONFUSION, we believe this to be closer to the truth than a clear MESSAGE. Confusion opens a door in the mind, of imagination, of thought. We like confusion, it’s a departure, a beginning of something new.

Many Tracks – ManyTracks

Railroad tracks lead from one place to another, possibly into the unknown. They may intersect with other tracks, coming from somewhere else, going somewhere different. ManyTracks therefore attempts to lay down tracks to new places, one project at a time while at the same time connecting with other minds, kindred spirits, on their journey, hoping we share some goals, and possibly cooperate and/or collaborate.