Katrin Hilbe

ManyTracks has its roots in my body of work as a director. Having directed Opera, mostly in Europe, I began to expand my professional aims to include straight theater when I moved to New York in 2002.

Being a directorial gun-for-hire is good work, however, it is the producer who decides on a particular project. The producer nurtures a work from inception to full bloom, and there were creative works out there that I just yearned to see on stage. Why? Because these works spoke and speak to me, fascinate me, because I feel they matter and because I believe the New York theater scene would be the poorer without them. Following this quite irrational impulse I expanded my goals once again and now call myself a producing director.

Creative Allies

ManyTracks has no staff, no resident company, no paying or working members, but it very much has creative people, theater artists, who are “repeat offenders” with me, and whose spirit I consider vital to what makes ManyTracks live and breathe. Since ManyTracks is active both in the US as well as internationally, these kindred spirits are equally spread out around the globe.

Andy Evan Cohen – Sound Design, composer, NYC
Justin Partier - Lighting Design, NYC
Sarah Edkins – Scenic Design, NYC
Cathy Small – Costume Design, NYC
Lisa Shriver – Choreographer, movement director, NYC
Rachel Halper – Actor,  NYC

Kati Hind  – Producer, PR, project manager, Scenic designer, lighting maven, Sheffield
Julia Pascal – Writer, director, Artistic Director of Pascal Theatre Company, London
Lucy Cullingford – choreographer, movement director, London

Verena Neumann – Scenic Design, Frankfurt am Main

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