All photographs by Sara Foser, except for Nr.2, which is by Daniel Schwendener

How could it come to this? - Katrin Hilbe treated the difficult subject matter of the rise of gun violence among young people with great sensitivity. (...)The convincing performances of the five actors immersed the viewer in the emotional turmoils of the protagonists, and they suffered their pain with them. The tension, palpable throughout the play, is heightened by Andy Evan Cohen´s intricate sound design, which accentuated important moments at times harshly, at times soothingly. Most probably won´t like to admit it, but the audience remained empathetic to the murderer, the high school shooter, even to the gun fanatic. And we inevitably ask ourselves: How could it come to this?
- Mirjam Kaiser, Liechtensteiner Vaterland

Can Men be friends? - The play deliberately asks many questions, all culminating in the one: How can such a thing happen? Given that it was written by a man, performed by men, but directed and designed exclusively by women, this possibly allowed the statements to be even more harsh than intended. A strong  play, strong performers and intense direction.
- Anita Grüneis, Kultur

"Shooter" - The psychological background and emotional abyss of a massacre on stage - Fantastic, how the director manages to explore condition of human bondage with minimal intrusion. The abundance of structure doesn’t allow for looseness or laissez-faire, as the final explosion is the necessary result of the play’s rigid framework. The actors convince through their almost repulsive physicality and facial expressions. At times you’d like to jump up and shout: “Shut up, you damned…”
- Klaus Koppe, Liechtensteiner Volksblatt