Photographs 1, 8, 9, 12 by Jill Steinberg. Remaining photographs by Elisha Schaefer.

Katrin Hilbe's Many Tracks has a fresh perspective. This new venture's mission is discovering "Many Tracks to Making Theatre" and Hilbe's direction of Heaton's most excellent play realizes that mission well."
– Sherri Rase, QonStage

"Short but intense, Newspaper is a challenging look at a devilishly difficult man to take full stock of."
– Joe Bindel, JBSpins

"Heaton's is an interesting concept and a dramatic two-person improvement over prior Pound plays…"
– Robert Windeler, Backstage

"Hepburn picks up on the poet's warmth (Pound was a fiercely generous advocate of his peers' artistry) and resists reducing the character to either inflammatory zealot or lovable lunatic."
– Li Cornfeld,

"Tickets are only $18, a small price for glimpses of genius."
– Sheri Rase,