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By Sam Graber

We're going to Europe!
After a successful run at TheaterLab in NYC, Shooter will be playing at three locations in Europe, this coming January, 2019.
We're about to launch a GoFundMe Team campaign, as it truly takes a village to reach our goal.
While mass shootings are sadly a unique American response to "White Man's Pain", the unease around male identity and the lack of positive definitions to masculinity, is a problem all over the first and second world. As American artists we feel the need to hold on to the interconnectedness with the rest of the world, despite the climate of isolationism in our current politics. We want to share our experiences, our conflicts, and open up to a larger forum for debate of precarious fallibility of our shared human endeavors.

Nicholas-Tyler Corbin, CK ALlen, David perez-ribada, ean sheehy Photo: Carol Rosegg

Nicholas-Tyler Corbin, CK ALlen, David perez-ribada, ean sheehy
Photo: Carol Rosegg

On a sunny weekday afternoon, Jim Bender sees a teenage boy approach towards the entrance of the local high school, an AR 15 beneath a trench coat. In a moment's decision Jim pulls his own firearm, stopping a shooter-massacre before it happens. Jim Bender is a hero. But as the full story is revealed, this truth becomes a lot less clear - and that is not what people need it to be.

Theater Konstanz, January 16 & 17, 8pm, Konstanz, Germany, 
TAK Theater Liechtenstein, January 18, 2pm (student performance), 8.09pm
OnStage! Festival, January 22 & 23, TBD, Rome, Italy.

Jim Bender - Ean Sheehy*
Alan - Ian Gould*
Ben David - David Perez-Ribada*
Troy - Michael Gnat*
Gavin - Nicholas-Tyler Corbin
Various female Voices - Lee-Roy Rogers*, Annemarie Hagenaars, Rachel Halper

Direction & Production – Katrin Hilbe +
Scenic Design – Sarah Edkins
Projection Design - Cheyenne Sykes
Lighting Design Europe - Kati Hind
Sound Design - Andy Evan Cohen
Costume Design - Cathy Small
Photography - Carol Rosegg
Stage Management - Kati Hind

+ member of SDC
* member of AEA